(Formerly !scrabe, this command is now !playscrabe and the original command is no longer available)

Usage Edit

!playscrabe is a game of chance where you toss a bag called a "Scrabe" onto a multi-level playfield in attempts to land in the Center Hole called the "Craybon". There are 5 separate levels of Scrabe each with their own Craybon, the Craybon Hole of the 5th level of Scrabe is the "Jackpot Hole" and is worth a pretty penny! To win Scrabe you must toss the bag into the "Craybon".

!playscrabe costs 50 Gold Coin per game and can be played every 3 Minutes.

Possible Payouts:

  • Craybon Level 1 - (1 to 50 Gold Coins)
  • Craybon Level 2 - (75 to 125 Gold Coins)
  • Craybon Level 3 - (150 to 250 Gold Coins)
  • Craybon Level 4 - (350 to 750 Gold Coins)
  • Craybon Level 5 - (1,000 to 2,500 Gold Coins)
  • Craybon Jackpot - (5,000 to 10,000 Gold Coins)
  • Craybon Bonus Jackpot (7,500 to 12,500 Gold Coins) + "Scrabe Master" Hero Title

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