How to Use Edit

The Guild Merchant is your best way to purchase items without having to go on an adventure or visit the charity shop. The Guild Merchant has a large variety of Standard Non-Rare items that users can equip themselves with, things like weapons, armors and titles.

When purchasing a title your character will attempt to haggle with the merchant to get a better price, be careful as the merchant sometimes isn't in a good mood and will sell you things at a much higher price rate.

Use the !gm command followed by the thing you wish to purchase:

"!buygm Iron Pickhammer"

"!buygm Leather Set"

"!buygm Saber"

When purchasing a title, use only the name of the title, no need to include (Title)

Current Guild Merchant Stock Edit

Weapons: Edit

  • Iron Pickhammer - [~600g]
  • Iron Greataxe - [~450g]
  • Iron Katana - [~850g]
  • Iron Longsword - [~150g]
  • Obsidian Cleaver - [~3,000g]
  • Obsidian Pickhammer - [~4,000g]
  • Obsidian Greataxe - [~5,000g]
  • Obsidian Katana - [~7,000g]
  • Master Longbow - [~25,000g]
  • Master Katana - [~27,000g]

Armor: Edit

  • Villager Set - [~100g]
  • Bright Villager Set - [~250g]
  • Bright Dress - [~400g]
  • Will-User Robes - [~900g]
  • Dark Leather Set - [~1,200g]
  • Leather Set - [~1,400g]
  • Bright Leather Set - [~1,600g]
  • Chainmail Set - [~2,400g]
  • Platemail Set - [~5,600g]
  • Assassins Set - [~9,000g]
  • Maze's Outfit - [~14,000g]
  • Briar Rose's Regalia - [~25,000g]

Titles: Edit

  • Wasp Killer (Title) - [100g]
  • Ranger (Title) - [~1,250g]
  • Saber (Title) - [~2,000g]
  • Hood (Title) - [~3,500g]
  • Gladiator (Title) - [~5,000g]
  • Assassin (Title) - [~7,500g]
  • Scythe (Title) - [~7,500g]
  • Wizard (Title) - [~8,500g]
  • Will-User (Title) - [~10,000g]
  • Bow-master (Title) - [~10,000g]
  • Sword-master (Title) - [~10,000g]
  • Assistant Guild Master - [~25,000g]

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