Dec 1, 2016 - [Ver.] Bot Version 0.42 MAJOR Edit

All GC has been taken away and the whole database has been reset once again!

Passive GC rates have been finally refined and optimized with the data i've collected from testing and the rates are at a constant value now. See the "Gold Coins" section of the Wiki for more information!

The bot has been completely wiped and all commands, botfiles, and code is being re-written from the ground up to create a solid and worthwhile experience for people who enjoy the GC system. We've refined, and redefined almost every command to not only work, but work in new and more fun ways! Check out the Command List for more information!

the !attack command is now the !adventure command. The adventure command can be used once every 5 minutes and produces many random scenarios where anything can happen! You could attack someone, you could be attacked, you can discover items, fall into traps, earn gold, lose gold and much more! check the !adventure command page for more information!

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